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Note: For haircuts and color for men or women price may vary. Down below is the starting price it could be more it varies by techniques and hairstyle, the Length and the amount of your hair.

Men's Haircut                 Starting at $35
Women's Haircut           Starting at $50
Boy Haircut                  Starting at $25
Girl Haircut                   Starting at $35
Wash and Dry Hair        Starting at $50
Straighten Hair              Starting at $45
Drying Hair                     Starting at $50
Perm                              Starting at $125
Color Retouch                Starting at $100
Color Correction            Starting at $350
Keratin Straightening      Starting at $375
Color                               Starting at $125
Color Toner                     Starting at $75
Highlights                       Starting at $175
Balayage/ombre            Starting at $375
Eyebrow Waxing                     $10
Moustache Waxing                 $10
Keratin Lashes                         $60
Make up                        Starting at $50
Hairstyles                      Starting at $75

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